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Why I Shoot Sea Gulls

...and you should too!

No, I don't mean it like that settle down in the back! I mean with my camera and a long lens. Sea gulls are plentiful here in qathet, so any time you are close to the ocean, and often when you are not, they are around. They are maligned as noisy obnoxious poop machines that don't warrant a second glance.

noisy obnoxious poop machines

They are a part of the coast and when you are out looking for eagles or more exotic shore birds they are always there. So why shoot them? Practice. They are birds after all and birds in flight can be a challenge to anyone. Learning to use you camera to track these birds in flight can help when you want to step up to eagles. Watching them ride thermals on windy days will help with other birds. Watch how they land on perches and pay attention to how they take, specifically the direction that they do this.

If the above photo had been anything other than a flock of pigeons I would still be frustrated by the misplaced focus.

On days where what you are after is around, but you have downtime between shots, getting the light or compositions correct ahead of time can make a good photo great when your subject arrives.

So why shoot them? Practice.

Get out there and take some pictures, in the digital age its ok to click away and learn, just make sure you are ready when something big happens.

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