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  1. the use of light in the treatment

of physical or mental illness.

This year has been very difficult. I have been focused on something that is way more important than work or photography; the health of my child. While we are confident that everything will be fine in the end, we will be changed forever. We have been removed from our home, endured countless procedures, and spent endless hours waiting for results. Sure could use some phototherapy!

In the medical version of phototherapy, patients absorb light of specific wavelengths for a therapeutic benefit, much like in photography where we focus light on the sensor (or film). Both have their purposes and can be very beneficial, but I prefer the latter. When I am behind the lens the rest of the world slips away taking my troubles with it. Being in beautiful calm natural settings is good for my mental health and landscape photography almost always happens somewhere peaceful.

When I am behind the lens the world slips away taking my troubles with it.

Phototherapy is enhanced by sharing your experience with others. It is best if shared with other like-minded photographers, but can be shared with other outdoor enthusiasts in the case of landscape photography. Exchanging stories and ideas, joking, and laughing are important parts of this treatment.

Go do something you love!

Thanks for reading.

Special thanks to:

Doris (Instagram @dorisguevara )

Ray (Instagram @fairweather_fotos)

Who have shared some phototherapy

with me recently.

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